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For Final Cut Pro created by Joe Maller

Welcome to the FXScript Reference

It is my hope that this community-based site will encourage even more people to try their hand at creating effects with FXScript. More plugin authors will help to make Final Cut Pro the best video editing tool in the world. More users of Final Cut Pro mean more people who use plugins. Let's get this snowball rolling.

This is a community effort, I've written a lot already and will continue to add more, but with everyone's help this site can be far bigger than any person could produce alone.

I'd like to specifically thank all the users of Joe's Filters who contributed to the FXScript Reference site when they made their purchase. Your support made this possible.

Spam: Somehow, despite a home-built, two-step posting process, spammers are still messing up the place. I'm usually pretty good about catching it, but I recently missed a whole bunch. If you see spam on the site, please send me a note and I'll clean it up as soon as I can.

Dec, 20 I'm going to be closing comments for a little while until I get time to build in some simple anti-spam tools. Sorry.

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Using the site

If you know the name of any FXScript item, just enter it as the url. If the item exists, the server will redirect you to the correct page. Getting where you want is really fast and easy. Try these examples to see how it works:

To link any FXScript Reference item in comments just enclose the name in simple tokens like this: <$item$> If that item exists, the server will automatically turn the token into a link to the correct page.

Limited HTML is allowed in comments, a list of legal tags is below the comment form.

Email addresses are protected with JavaScript so you can enter address without worrying about spambots harvesting your address.

Related Links are accumulated dynamically based on how people navigate the site.

The site is still a beta, if you find any bugs or have suggestions please leave them on the FXScript Reference Bugs page.

About the site

The site is coded entirely from scratch. Many ideas were modeled after the astoundingly useful online reference documentation for PHP and MySQL, other inspirations include the Everything2 project and O'Reilly's Nutshell book series. From the beginning, I had a basic idea about how it would work, but never found any prebuilt packages which would do what I wanted. So I taught myself a bunch of stuff and built my own.

The site essentially runs on one PHP script with about a dozen functions, one five-table MySQL database and a really cool .htaccess file. Comments allow limited HTML and dynamically close tags which were accidentally left open. The whole site is valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS, there are a few tables around the forms, but otherwise all layout is pure CSS.

There's also a whole set of admin tools for me to manage items and comments. If you can corner me at a trade show and ask really nicely and I might show them to you.